60 thoughts on “Human Eye coloUr chart by Delpigeon

  1. nikkie

    hey, i’ve recently been searching about eyes nd mixed colours etc because i recently found out my eyes arent just plan blue
    so they are blue but around the pupil there is a lilac colour and then a very thin white outline of this before the blue (a bit like the ben on line 4 of the picture above)
    i dont suppose you can tell me why i have that can you?

  2. nikkie

    hello, do you know why i have lilac around the pupil of my eye and then have the actually blue colour? is that normal? why might that be?

  3. vamp-luvr:)

    my eye color isnt on da chart. my eyes are a dark,dark brown that has no pools of color but a solid brown that nobody has a color similar too

  4. Marguerite

    My eyes are a pale blue ring around the outside, and a green ring closer to the pupil. I have no idea what color to call them?

      • Willow Hearne

        Theres an eyecolor called amber thats really rare. People sometimes call it the wolf eye since it’s the same golden yellow as a wolf’s eye. I think these eyes are really awesome and I have yet to see anybody with this color.

  5. Nessaa:)

    I really can’t exactly tell whether my eyes are dark brown or light brown. what color do you suggest i have? where can i send you a photo: eyemakeart??

    • eyemakeart

      Dear Nessaa,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. Eye colour can vary in the course of the day sometimes it will seem darker and sometimes lighter,
      depending on what you are doing and also by the state of your general health. Don’t worry, the brown eye colour seems to be the dominate eye colour gene on the planet,
      sending me a picture probably won’t settle anything because colour also varies from screen to screen. If it is a real concern, you should consult an iridologist in person.


  6. Alexander

    I can’t see my eyes here either.. My eyes are BLACK.. You can’t see the pupil as it is as black as the iris..It is either BLACK or the Darkest of Browns,yet everyone told me they look black
    I can also see my reflection in my eyes if I look into a mirror xD

  7. Patrick

    I Like your web site. I always thought i had plain old brown eyes. So I found your site and checked in the mirror and found out I have exciting dark blue-hazel eyes. I guess my eyes changed sometime in my life because I have always had brown eyes. It would be interesting to take close up pictures of a child’s eyes and follow their color through their life. Maybe there would be some provable pattern to the color change.

  8. Christina

    Hmm I didn’t see my husband’s eye color on here. His eyes are yellow with a blue rim around the iris. He also has a heart shaped birth mark in his eye.

  9. Amie

    [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/34djyue.jpg[/IMG] I hope this image shows up – I still don’t know what to call my 7 month old daughter’s eye color. I still can’t seem to figure out where it goes on your chart, and your chart is the best one I’ve been able to find. I am looking for color name suggestions.

  10. Ria

    I was just messing around, looking at eye colours for the characters in a story of mine, but then I stared at myself in the mirror and realized that my eyes are different! I have sectoral heterochromia on my left eye which makes half of it look balck, and the other half light-light brown. My other eye is a warm champagne-ish colour… Like zephy’s.
    Oh and I think you made a mistake, I believe Mahon’s eye colour is blue, not light brown 🙂

  11. Lissa

    I’m a bit curious about my eye color. Its color falls somewhere between a very light bluish-gray normally but different lightings sometimes make them appear as a fairly dark blue, gray, or even a green. Someone said that this actually classifies my eyes as gray… So what color would they actually be?

  12. Susie

    My eyes are a green grey but they start with a dark green ring on the outsite. they also have a ring of light hazel in the middle of the iris.

    My friend has one green eye and one dark blue. they look amazing and change colours sometimes. who else has eyes like this or ones like mine???

  13. mad

    mmmmm my eyes are sometimes dark brown almost black , but most of the time they seem brown , but they are really hazel with tinges of yellow around the outline of the pupil , but in the sun they go almost bright orange :S

  14. Tasha

    I’m in my 50’s. I grew up thinking my eye color was hazel, because that’s what my mother told me when I was younger. I just accepted it. I recently took a good look at my eyes and matched them to a color chart because my daughter had questions about eye color that arose while studying genetics. I had a bit of a shock as I realized that my eyes are most definitely green, NOT hazel! In fact, my eye color isn’t even close to hazel. I have clear, light pigmentation with a distinct darker green ring around the iris. The tone is a slightly olive green (which has more of a grayish-green tone) not an emerald green (which has more bluish tones). My eyes have absolutely no brown, hazel or blue speckling or striation at all. Just clear, light olive green.

    I’m irrationally angry with my mother for telling me that I had hazel eyes, which I always considered a boring non-color. I can’t believe I’ve spent my entire life thinking I had an eye color that I didn’t have. Green eyes are a rare and special color and I feel somewhat cheated. Maybe I’m being a little silly, but I’m stilll somewhat upset about it….

  15. Molly

    How do I email you? I have very dark blue eyes (no examples in above chart) & thought you might like to have a photo to use in future eye color charts.

  16. Juanita

    people always tell me i have really pretty eyes^^
    soo my eyes are liight brown right around the pupil then theres a white sqiggly circle around that then its like grayish greenish blueish colour then dark grayish greenish blueish colour around the outside of the iris, so what colour are my eyes? i cant tell, once in class we were supposed to ask our partner what colour eyes we had an i didnt know then three of em started arguing over what colour they were, blue, green, or grey..O.O shyooo what are they??

    • Amber Roshkov

      I would very much like to see a picture of your eye, Juanita. My eyes are………well……..I guess they’re best described as brown, though they constantly change colour through shades of brown and brown hazel.

  17. jack

    I am not sure what color my eyes are, they start with a dark blue circle and then continue inwards with a very dark green that has a mixture of brown. WHAT COLOR ARE THEY!!

  18. mr mark

    Blue eyes are distinguishable for their ability to change color depending on light levels of the local environment. For those with violet or partially violet eyes, you have them because you have little melanin in your eyes making your blood more visible, this is red, and with a combination of naturally blue eyes creates a violet color. Lastly, for people with black to incredibly dark brown eyes you simply have a lot of melanin in your eyes, so depending on their shade they can appear to mix with the pupil at varying distances, like mine 🙂

  19. Eyes ♥

    Thank you! My eye color is from green to hazel. I’m pretty sure my eyes are not hazel. They don’t look anywhere near brown. They don’t even change colors. They are pretty much a jade green in my opinion.

  20. Norwegian

    Hey! This was cool, I’ve always wondered what to call my eye color.. They change a lot with the light, make-up and hair color, but I’ve tried to take some close up pictures in good light to get a good look at the color.. They seem to have different sircles of color.. So here goes; from the middle and out they are first a mud-brown/grey, then a bright yellow (almost orange), then green almost blue-ish, again the bright yellow, and at last a dark grey sircle around the iris…
    Anyone with the same kind of color?? what to call them?? I dont even know if the base color is brown og blue.. my mother has dark brown eyes, and my fathers are clear ice-blue.. so I’m kind of a mix!
    Great blogg BTW =)

  21. Wow, finally found a chart w so many colors I can now tell my eyes are somewhere around kyee’s maybe a liitle bit lighter but not like Atrium. Thank you for wour work! 🙂

  22. AllieAllie

    My eyes are… unusual. They start off eith a ring of light blue then fade into a ring of green then go to amber (the color that most of my eye is) and finally, theres a thickish line of violet. Is that normal?

  23. Victoria

    I don’t see my eye color on the chart. My eyes, are weird, the outline of my eye is a dark blue, then the inside is like a dark blue to hazel-greenish color, then by my pupil it’s light blue. My mom has hazel eyes, but my dad has light blue eyes. How is it that I don’t have their eye color. Can you explain to me why that is. Plus my eyes change shades during the seasons, it changes shades, like the inside part of my eye does. Is that normal?

  24. Samantha

    My eyes are weird when I take like 3 steps back my eyes look like a light brown and up close they are a medium shade of green I don’t know what color they really are…

  25. Nixza

    My eyes aren’t on the chart either. I have a ring around my eyes of a grey color then it’s a really yellow color starting from the bottom and it gets darker to where it seems like a shade of green but surrounding the pupil is sorta like black lashes.

  26. April

    I love this site! Very interesting!! I didn’t really see my exact eye color, but I’ll describe. They are definitely green and they have a golden green splash of color around the pupil. They have a gray ring around the entire iris. Kinda hard to describe. They are an awkward color if you ask me haha!!

  27. Alexander

    My eyes are usually the green and brown acrium on the top but today I looked in the mirror and they are totally bala.

    NOOOOO where’d my beautiful green go :’C ?

  28. Willow Hearne

    When you’re close to me my eyes are hazel but when you’re far away my eyes are dark grey on the outside and light grey on the inside. Sometimes they are light blue and whenever I ask people what they are, they always say something different.

  29. CH

    I was always told my eyes were brown since I was little. I didn’t question it until I was 15, and I was told by my human anatomy teacher that he thought they were lighter. We were discussing the genetics of eye color
    I bought a magnifying mirror and with good light -my eyes are deep set- they are three colors: dark olive khaki green, light golden brown, and a ring of true gray around the outer iris.
    Makeup suitable for green/hazel eyes such as pink, magenta, lilac, rose, mid tone purple, peach, steel grey have worked for me though I have been told to wear greens, dark browns, navy blue and copper all my life, but they look terrible on me, almost like I am ill. I have pale skin, medium brown hair (born strawberry blonde).
    So, I am having a bit of trouble with the eye color chart, but it is safe to say I am in the dark hazel and dark olive green range!

  30. CH

    I am finding that green and grey tones are more common than once thought. Brown is still the #1 color by sheer numbers, but in my case, the closest I get to brown is a light golden brown part toward the middle despite my parent’s insistence.

  31. (•ω•)

    Um… I’m not really sure of my eye color. It’s not really a GREY. I mean its a grey but not a conpete grey. Gods I’m CONFUSEING myself anyway my eyes are a blue-ish color. But it kinda has a LITTLE green in it? Like marble? Not too much green. BARLY any green only a little. Around my pupil there are brown flecks. I always thought my eyes were blue. A lot of my family has blue eyes. I just assumed. But hey, what do ya know. I might have GREY eyes. But the ONE thing that confuses me is that how do I have grey eyes? Non of my family had grey eyes. Help? Any one?

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