Blind to be cured with stem cells


The Times reports: BRITISH scientists have developed the world’s first stem cell therapy to cure the most common cause of blindness. Surgeons predict it will become a routine, one-hour procedure that will be generally available in six or seven years’ time.

The treatment involves replacing a layer of degenerated cells with new ones created from embryonic stem cells. It was pioneered by scientists and surgeons from the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London and Moorfields eye hospital. more…

I am an Eye.


I am an eye.

A mechanical eye,

I the machine show you a world the way only I can see it. I free myself for today and forever from human immobility, I’m in constant movement. I approach and pull away from objects. I creep under them, I move alongside a running horses mouth I fall and rise with falling and rising bodies. This is I the machine manoeuvring in the chaotic movements, recording one movement after another in the most complex combinations Freed from the boundaries of time and space, I coordinate any and all points of the universe, whenever I want them to be. My way leads towards the creation of a fresh perception of the world thus I explain in a new way the world unknown to you….Pudovkin