Megan’s Eyes


I’ve been trying to determine what would be the technical term for my eye color. My left eye is a Multitude of different colours and My Right eye is a multitude of different various ones DIFFERENT from the left one. When I was younger up until I was eleven I had more of an icy blue eye color in both eyes.

Megan's right eyeMegan's left eye

One day I woke up and my mother and father had started asking me if I had started borrowing someone’s color contact lenses. I wasn’t. They had just changed and even I didn’t notice it until they said something. So, I thought I might be able to send the two various Colourings to you and maybe you might be able to help me determine.  The right eye tends to Start off near the pupil like how the left eye does. But it goes out in more various shades of brown with golds mixed in. The photo have given isn’t really a good one due to quality, you have my most sincere apologies. The left eye seems to start off with a chestnut brown and then goes out into a more golden brown then a sort of forest green and then darker.

Eye or Planet

Planet Eye

Planet Eye

Eyes can look  like the surface of some distant planet,

pitted with craters, and cracks, canyons and rivers.

Flecks and blemishes, are mountains and lakes.

What we know is that each eye is completely unique.

Because each person’s life is completely unique.

Our eyes are shaped by who our ancestors were and what we are now.