Getting up close and personal. For real.


Melissa Garcia Photography

Hey hey heeyyyy, back to last Saturday… post numero dos (of cuatro, I think… maybe cinco… we shall see). Wee! So, along with my d-slr I brought my nifty iPhone lenses, and played with the macro one the most, because it truly is the coolest thing ever. I get so excited about it. Thank God Tyler shared my excitement or else I’m sure I would have been reeealllyyy annoying. Check these out!!!

Gotta start with my fave…. As I was experimenting, Tyler goes, “dude, take a pic of my eye.” I was like, “dude, I’m gonna have to get REALLY close.. are you sure?” *nod of approval* .. naturally, he screams the first time to scare the crap out of me. After a few expletives, I went back in for round 2; the result?


woah. ah-mazing.

How do I follow that up? I won’t lie… these aren’t AS cool, because…

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