Makeupstorming: The Third Eye


Eye Have A Lot of Feelings

Covering the top half of my face, then lip syncing while wearing this makeup is behavior too hilarious and immature to justify.

Tons of pictures incoming, and a plethora of dorky faces. 🙂


Funny faces!


It looks like a strange lopsided mustache, in the words of my family.


Sad eyeball.


Yeah, I got lazy and just did one eye winking (cheekily). I’m supposed to go shopping but somehow I think my mother will not approve of this socially unacceptable arrangement.

I got the idea from a photo I saw on Instagram, which sadly I can’t find. 😦 I wasn’t really sure what materials to use so I used a combination of cream and pressed shadows. In hindsight, I probably should have used face paints, but I couldn’t justify the death of my precious makeup brushes and I didn’t have any brushes fine enough for this sort of detail work. ELVES…

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