Keratoconus, graft rejection – my story by Wendy


Keratoconus GB Living with Keratoconus


I had never expected to be writing this at any point of my long KC journey but I am so here goes.

It’s the 2nd April 2013, just short of the 5 month post-op point and up until now everything is going extremely well apart from very minor thing’s like dry-eye. My dry-eye has been a lot worse at the weekend and as usual had been moaning about it being really bad to anyone who would listen. Today is very different I was up early as usual as I couldn’t sleep and my eye wasn’t just running like before it was pouring down my face, it was extremely red like it had been at the point just after surgery. Then came shortly after what I can only describe at the most horrific pain I have ever felt in my life.
By this point I know deep down something is…

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